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Having the right team available is super important for IT projects to flourish. As the organization grows and the industry shifts with macroeconomic changes, being able to effectively adapt your tech operation to address the needs of your organizations is what distinguishes the growing companies from the others.
This is where staff augmentation services come into play: No matter what IT projects you have on your to-do list, you need to leverage the skills of the best talent in the industry to properly address them, and the best way to do so is by having these professionals available to you at the right time.
At Luby, we provide IT staffing services that offer sourcing reliability, flexibility and speed so you can grow your tech team with the right resources at the right time. Our professional acumen in growing tech teams over the US has shaped our learning curve and decreased ramp up time, which translated into faster sourcing cycles and increased level of effectiveness in matching the right talent to each position.

Augmenting All Kinds of Tech Teams

Our IT staff augmentation services are available for every type of sourcing need, no matter how simple or complex: from UX personnel necessary to research personas and prototype MVPs to Tech Leads proficient in different technology stacks, we got the necessary bandwidth to address your needs for different positions, stacks and areas within your tech department.

Luby’s track record in providing IT talent has proven our services to be a reliable, fast and cost-effective way for clients of different industries to increase team size and productivity of their internal development teams with minimal effort.

What is IT Staff Augmentation?

IT staff augmentation is a service developed to increase the number of professionals in a tech team according to the organization’s need for extra bandwidth. It became an amazing solution to resolve sourcing issues with hard-to-fill roles and temporary positions, which translates into more efficiency and scalability for tech operations.
In recent years, the engagement model has been growing a lot since companies realized that not only they could reach their tech goals faster, but also much more cost-effectively. With the normalization of remote teams and the growth of dozens of amazing tech hubs across the world, many organizations decided to build hybrid teams, internalizing more senior positions and augmenting their teams with offshore IT staff proficient in the squads’ necessary skill set.

Whether you are looking for a single position or staffing multiple squads simultaneously, IT Staff Augmentation services is definitely an amazing option to be considered for all types of specializations within your tech department.

Benefits of Luby’s Staff Augmentation

Immediately available personnel and custom-made sourcing process, all with the same quality level of Luby’s more than 20 years of experience in IT projects across several industries, both domestically and internationally.

But what exactly sets Luby apart from the competition in Staff Augmentation?

Our team is ready to provide you with a full range of professionals, regardless of the specific chapters or stacks you are looking for. With Luby, you can rely on talent from mid to senior level to properly address your technical needs.
Decrease dependency on internal recruiting and down time due to long waits to find the right professional with Luby’s – faster than market – shortlist of candidates.
Since we have a focus on continuous development and skill enhancement, our professionals adapt and ramp-up their deliveries very quickly.
Luby’s immediately available talent can be selected to address your current needs while our sourcing process will help you find very specific profiles.

If by any reason there’s not a great fit, we replenish the provided role with someone with a better fit and our team of  representatives will constantly follow up with you to make sure the delivery is meeting your expectations.

Is Staff Augmentation Ideal for Your Organization?

The first question you must always ask yourself before engaging into Staff Augmentation is: Do I have the managerial skills to properly manage tech professionals? Is there anyone in my current organization that can fill that role?
If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then you are definitely ready to start your Staff Augmentation engagement!
What many executives in both start-ups and old fashioned businesses do not realize is that this engagement model was tailored to bring scalability in tech sourcing, cost-efficiency in tech operations and increased effectiveness in matching IT talent to necessary open positions.
However, for that to happen there must be someone within the organization who possess the management and technical skills to properly validate the provided candidates, onboard and train them during the ramp up stage and periodically evaluate the roadmap they will be working on.
The amazing professionals we source inherently become part of the client’s organization and if the client does not have the conditions nor the desire to fully manage these resources, then most definitely a different engagement model must be considered so the client can enjoy the full benefits of the service Luby is providing.

Staff Augmentation vs Different Engagement Models

It’s the full outsourcing of technology staffing processes based on the desired skill set to be fully managed by the client.
▪ Ideal for matured tech teams that need to scale effectively and quickly;
▪ Billed on a position-related hourly related for a minimum number of hours each month;
Luby’s multidisciplinary tech teams fully managing your tech initiatives, regardless of the stacks or number of projects.
▪ Ideal for open scope engagements and multiple projects happening simultaneously;
▪ Billed on a seniority level hourly rate for a set amount of hours within a larger time period;

Complete projects delivered by our internal teams within the specified scope and according to the forecasted length.
▪ Ideal for time or cost sensitive projects that require full predictability;
▪ Billed on an amount for the whole project that we split into installments according to number of months forecasted to complete the delivery;

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The Pros & Cons of Staff Augmentation

Although there are plenty of benefits that the Staff Augmentation process can provide, there’s also some cons that all IT managers must have in mind before commitment to this type of engagement of model:


Amazing Quality

Rely on the expertise and proficiency of a team that has been sourcing IT talent for decades to benefit from effective matchmaking between JDs and candidates;

Sourcing Agility

Experience processes up to 60% faster than hiring local talent through your organization's team, from JD elaboration to the actual start of the professional;

Growth Flexibility:

Rely on the expertise and proficiency of a team that has been sourcing IT talent for decades to benefit from effective matchmaking between JDs and candidates;


Get access to the talent with the specific skills you need for your tech operation to flourish;


Enjoy rates up to 30% lower than local IT talent with nearshore remote teams;


Dedication to the Process

The client is an integral part of the engagement process and its delivery. They conduct the final interviews, approve clients and after the kick-off, continuously manage the provided talent.

Ramp Up Time

The amount of time it takes for each professional to complete the ramp up and start producing varies greatly and depends on different factors such as: scope of the project, characteristics of the industry, technical maturity of the organization and onboarding process the manager has in place.

Organizational Structure

Most companies are used to outsourcing engagements in which the service provider is completely outside of their organizations. Depending on how the internal procedures and structures are set, the allocated professionals might find some roadblocks in delivering the project.

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Arthur Piasi

TI Manager, Datora Telecom

"Luby's work resulted in a 15% increase in recharges made through the portal. Luby's internal team is made up of highly qualified people, which helps us a lot in our daily project."

Francisco Mota

Product Owner, ISH Tecnologia

"It has excellent customer service, quality professionals and an abundance of resources. The team uses the scrum methodology for ongoing project management, communicating regularly through Microsoft Teams and tracking work with Azure DevOps."

Aldo Pietropaolo

CSO, Neocova

"We have found the quality of Luby's engineers to be fantastic. I would highly recommend their services. The Luby team's integration into ours was seamless and we treat their team members as part of the Neocova team."

Bruno Paravatti

Tech Manager, Agrotools

"I am impressed with its ease of adaptation to our work processes and its massive contributions to the agenda. The team has been very supportive in the development of the web platform, as well as in the flow of communication between the rural producer and the system."

Jean Paul Crouzoulon


"Luby Software is considered a true extension of the Foxtrot team, capable of adding talented and experienced resources. What impresses most about Luby is its reactivity and ability to really understand the specificity of our needs to come back with a tailored solution."

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