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The only reason why we got to where we are today is due to the talented professionals that have been translating their skills into an ever growing number of amazing projects delivered to companies from all industries.

A Glimpse of This Amazing Journey:

Our CEO and founder, Alon Lubieniecki, dreamt from a very young age of the great impact technology would hold on organizations of all kinds. In 2002, just recently graduated from college, he allowed himself to undertake and follow a completely different path from the one he had pursued in the previous 4 years majoring in psychology: create a business to deliver tailored websites to companies.
At the time, investing in Web Development was something that only existed in the scope of larger companies, professionals trained in programming were only a few and the vast majority of them did not aspire to follow corporate careers, they programmed because they were passionate about logic, mathematics and computing.
And in the midst of all these challenges, between convincing its first clients to invest their brand’s budget into the development of a website and finding the right professionals to get these websites done, that’s when Luby started to take shape.
Following the advancements of technology and driven by its client’s inherent needs, Luby’s portfolio started to evolve alongside the main trends of the sector. The path was logic: growing from Website Development to Systems Development, then to Application Development and over the course of the last 10 years, adhering not only to different scopes but also upgrading its delivery methodologies to the industry’s best practices and thus being able to provide digital solutions from conception to continuous delivery.
Still, working locally was just part of what the whole leadership wanted to achieve, so it was also during these last 10 years that Luby’s international operations began to take shape.
Starting with specific demands coming from long-term clients who moved to the US and subsequently from new local clients coming from the referrals of these Brazilian clients residing there, Luby started delivering its first projects across North America.
And a path very similar to the one taken in Brazil was being follow over the United States: one-off customers started to become active customers, simple demands were paving the way for more complex demands, new business models were implemented in our portfolio and the company started to have recurrent demands from its American clients, getting to more than a dozen active customers across the US, in a all 4 continental time zones.
Today, Luby has become a technology hub for customers from different industries, both in the US and abroad, going beyond custom-made software to offer them a wide range of solutions that solve complex business problems. Our passion to technology has guided us to not only resolve their issues, but also upgrade their solutions to be in line with the best trends from the sector, such as Web3, Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence.

Nosso Propósito

Nosso propósito é acelerar os negócios dos nossos clientes por meio da inteligência do nosso time e da tecnologia, materializando estratégias em soluções digitais de alto impacto para solucionar desafios em diferentes setores, incluindo:
Fintechs e Bancos
Terceiro Setor
Entre Outros…

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to accelerate our clients’ businesses through the intelligence of our team and technology, materializing strategies into high-impact digital solutions to solve challenges in different sectors, including:

Banks and Fintechs

With more than 14 years of experience in the sector, Luby specializes in solutions for Fintechs and Banks in Brazil and the USA.


Luby has been offering E-learning and education solutions for startups, companies, NGOs and educational institutions for 10 years.


We have been operating for 10 years developing personalized health solutions with a focus on innovation and patient experience.

Logistics and Mobility

For 12 years, we have been serving traditional companies and startups in logistics, georeferencing and urban mobility.

Marketplace and Sharing Economy

For 15 years, we have been developing solutions for marketplace and sharing business models.


We offer customized legal process automation solutions to improve productivity.


For 10 years, Luby has been working with agribusiness, providing systems for real-time monitoring and reducing operating costs.
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